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Creative and Fun Nature and Art Challenges for Your Child

Do you have children who love spending hours upon hours outdoors enjoying the wonders God has created? Do you have sketch artists who write on anything that is blank? Well, whether you answered yes or

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New Faces of the WTHSA

Pictured (l-r): Brian Eubanks and Bryanna Cash with WTHSA Director Lance Cummins. It has been a very long time coming, but West Tennessee finally has a sports and activities association just for your

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WTHSA: An Answer for Homeschool Athletes

Several homeschool parents attended the WTHSA information meeting to learn about athletic opportunities for their children. The West TN Homeschool Sports and Activities (WTHSA) association information meeting that was held on Thursday, September

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Introduce Your Children to Live Theatre

Do your homeschool children add drama to your life? Well, add some to their lives and take them to the theatre. The Nashville Children’s Theatre (NCT) has just the ticket for you and your homeschool

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Don’t Discount the Box Tops

Certainly you have not missed them when purchasing products from brands like General Mills, Old El Paso, Pillsbury and more. They are the little rectangular, bright pink labels on the box tops of products you

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Compassion Experience: 20 Minutes Could Change Your Life

Pictures from Compassion International's Compassion Experience. Getting out of your comfort zone. Is it easy for you? They’re not asking for you to travel abroad and leave everything you know to be familiar behind.

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