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Helpful Tips for a Successful School Year

It is another school year and once again you find yourself here: 1) Wondering if you have what it takes to start and finish another school year. 2) Wondering where to start. 3) Questioning if

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Easy Steps for Lesson Planning

Once again, you find yourself at this juncture of homeschooling. You have decided what curricula you are going to use and completed your education plan. Now what? The huge process of lesson planning begins, which

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5 Ways To Celebrate Back-to-School

The return to school after the summer break can either be met with an “augh” or a “yippee”. Both are expressions that could come from either your child or you. The return to school can

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Ark Encounter: ‘A Jaw-Dropping Experience’

Picture courtesy of Suzanne Pack Marrero. You do not have to be a Christian to have heard the incredible Bible story of Noah’s Ark (or Noah’s Teba). You know the ark on which

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How to Write an Education Plan

Post written by Lynn Knowlton, Counseling Team Leader One of the basic requirements for enrollment in HLA is an education plan. So, what is an education plan? An education plan includes the name of each

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On the Road to NCAA Eligibility

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has benefited college athletes for more than 100 years. Its history dates back to as far as the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt when rules for the sport and better

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