A Florida Vacation and History Lesson

When you think Florida and vacationing in the state, sandy beaches and warm waters probably first come to mind. Nothing beats the beach on a sunny day. After spending your time lounging in the sun

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Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day (Week) 2017 with HLA #HSTA

There is no doubt about it. Homeschool teachers deserve to be celebrated. It has happened for many years, but officially since 2014 when Apologia Ministries created Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day #HSTA. The one-day event is

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Free Bowling and Skating Summer Fun for Children

Keeping your children physically active during the summer months may sometimes prove challenging. For many children, summer signifies sleeping in and spending the remaining waking hours on electronics playing video games, watching television, texting and

Teacher Appreciation Week at Barnes & Noble

One child may not smile at you when you hand them their Spanish exam. Another one may ask (again) for a detailed explanation as to why he has to show his math work every single

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How to Have a Purposeful Day at a Homeschool Convention

The days of the convention can run through your mind as a blur. There is so much going on and you want to see everything. The best way to keep up with your day and

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How to Plan Before Attending a Homeschool Convention

The big homeschool conventions usually only come around once every year. Because of that, it is always best to prepare, so you may take advantage of the offerings and have a good time. There are

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