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How to Teach Your Child the Value of a Thank You

I bet your children had a wonderful time this past Christmas opening all of their gifts. The wrapping paper was flying, decorative ribbons were tossed and eyes sparkled when they were set upon an “unexpected”

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Homeschool Movie Club Hosts Homeschool Day 2017

It has been a couple of years since we have heard from the Homeschool Movie Club, but guess what? It is back and sharing another family-friendly movie. Homeschoolers across the country are asked to come

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National School Choice Week to be Celebrated in January

Homeschoolers have a reason to celebrate in January with National School Choice Week (NSCW) being recognized January 22-28. The week, held every January, was created in 2011 with the goal of raising public awareness of

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What’s Your Plan for Completing the School Year?

Whether you homeschool according to a traditional school calendar or year-round, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons always seem to come at the right time. By mid-November, if you are like most homeschool parents, you

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Standardized Testing: Is My Child Where He Should Be?

One question every homeschooling parent faces sometime along their journey in home education is if their child is on track academically. Whether you follow a checklist according to the public school standards or set your

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Enjoy Story Time in the Frist Galleries While Helping Your Community

The weather outside may not be too delightful, but that is no reason to stay home all winter long. There are too many things to see and fun opportunities you do not want to miss.

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