Socialization and the Homeschooled Autistic Child

By Terri Brogan As the mother of a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), I have always known I would homeschool my son. Within three months of his birth, my husband and I firmly

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Handwriting – The Changes!

By Nan Jay Barchowsky It is not so easy to guide your child to the handwriting that will give him or her the most lifelong success and pleasure. Even the thought of success and pleasure

It’s All About the Sports

There are many reasons families never consider homeschooling. One of the top reasons has absolutely nothing to do with academics. It's all about the sports. Children and their parents love sports and are not willing

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Celebrating the Meaning of Easter with Kids

By Shannon Schulz As young parents, my husband and I were torn about how to celebrate Easter with our girls. We knew intrinsically that dying eggs and Easter bunnies had nothing to do with Jesus’

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NBB: Spend Your Summer Learning God’s Word

The National Bible Bee (NBB) Summer Study program is a fun and educational way for your children to spend their summer months in God’s Word. The vision of the NBB is “to know God’s Word

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Color-Coding Your Homeschool

By Lexi Henegar If you are the type of person who could tear open a bag of M&Ms® and just eat the candies as they tumble out, you may not be able to relate to

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