Don’t Let the Education Plan Scare You!

Do you want to put immediate fear into the heart and mind of a homeschool parent? Say the following phrase three times, “education plan”. Actually, you only need to say it once and it often

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Don’t Ruin Summer!

By Todd Wilson We did it! We made it through another school year . . . or almost through the school year. That means I need to switch my normal homeschool advice to summer advice.

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TN Workshop: The 4-Year Plan for High School Success

If you are new to homeschooling a high school student, the thought may seem a bit daunting. Secretly, you may have even considered holding your rising high schooler back another year just so you do

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Fun Ways to Keep Learning this Summer

If you homeschool on a traditional schedule, which is usually August or September to May, the summer time is sacred to not only your children, but to you. It is the big reward of two

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HLA 2017 Tennessee Scholars

HomeLife Academy (HLA) had a record number of Tennessee Scholars this school year. There were 34 and we may have more students added to our list. The Tennessee Scholars program was started by Eastman Chemical

How to Start Homeschooling in Kindergarten (and Before)

When your baby was born, you never thought you would be here today considering homeschooling. It is something you probably discussed, doubted you could do and decided not to follow through, because you thought “how

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