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Meet the Staff

“We receive a large number of compliments every year on our services to home educators. I have to tell you…if it were not for the wonderful staff God has given us, HLA would not be what it is today!” ~ David Parkerson

Ana Quesada, Florida Counselor

“I have been with HLA for six years as my umbrella school. Now I have been given the blessing and opportunity to work with the HLA staff as the Florida counselor. I have homeschooled my children for quite some years now, and have gained experience from the Elementary years all the way through High School. I love helping parents in the different aspects of homeschooling, as well as encouraging them. I am fluent in Spanish.”

April Parkerson, Records Secretary

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the many HLA parents. From our graduates to our Kindergarteners, I have helped them sort through their needs. This year I’ll go to a "managerial" position in the Records Department. I'll still be here, though. You can't get rid of me that easily!!

Calente Tapp, Elementary Counselor

“I have been blessed to home school my children and feel that God led me to a ministry with Home Life Academy. It is my ultimate pleasure to counsel and pray families toward God's will for their life. My prayer is that each family be released from the fears associated with homeschooling and step into the joy of their children. May each family be blessed as they walk the path of learning lead by God himself."

David Parkerson, Founder and President

“I wear quite a few different hats. My favorite is just talking with parents and helping cast vision. I love our staff and I love my wonderful wife and kids. HLA is a tremendous blessing to us just as you are a blessing to your children!”

Karen Johnson, High School Counselor and Transcripts

“Homeschooling triplets taught me a great deal about being organized. That lesson reigns through everything I now do for HLA. Last year, I started working more, helping to make sure that your high school student is well on the path for graduation. If you ever have any high school questions, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email!

  Ken Shreeve, Administrator

Ken comes to us with many years of home education experience, including work with Middle Tennessee Home Education Association. He and his wife, Tina, have three beautiful children. After working as a land surveyor he is thrilled to turn his volunteer time as a homeschool supporter into a full time job with HLA! He's now my right-hand man, I guess you could say. And I'm SO very blessed. You'll see him at curriculum fairs this summer so be sure shake hands with our new Administrative Assistant.

Lani Carey, High School Counselor

“The high school years can be difficult to navigate. I have had 2 students graduate, and have 2 more coming up. I've jumped over the high school hurdles and know many tricks that can help you. God granted me the wisdom I needed in many crunch situations, and I am more than happy to share that wisdom with you. If you ever have any questions, you can email me, and I'll be glad to help.”

Lynn Knowlton , Counseling Team Leader

“I have worked for HLA since the beginning. I can remember when David had the website drawn out on a piece of paper! Now I have a wonderful – nearly full-time job – helping parents get started and helping others keep going. It’s a blessing working for HLA!”

   Toni Garner, Records Assistant

Need to make a payment with credit or debit card? I'm the one to call. I remind you regularly to pay your registration fees, as well as your senior fees. If you don't pay by the beginning of the school year, you will probably hear from me. I also help to clean up inactive accounts and update family's information. I love my job and I enjoy getting to talk to many families throughout the school year.

Tyler Parkerson, Web Systems Director

"I'm here behind the scenes managing our web servers and overseeing the continual development of our sites and grade reporting system. I am passionate about technology and I’m passionate about seeking ways to use it that will simplify our homeschooling lives and allow us to focus on our kids education."