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HLA Archway provides online courses for Grades 3-12.  Included with every enrollment is an initial phone consultation with one of our experienced counselors to discuss your needs and to set-up your courses.   There are nearly 200 courses to choose from including honors and AP courses and many business and technical electives.   Those who enroll in the HLAssist + Tutor will also receive an initial phone call from the tutor to discuss what you and your student are wanting to achieve in the sessions and to better understand why you are choosing a tutor, areas your student may be struggling with and how the tutor can best help.  HLA Archway has four (4) programs available which allow you to choose the level of support that meets your homeschooling needs.

IMPORTANT: All HLA Archway families and students must adhere to the HLA Code of Ethics that is agreed to in the application process.


 HLA Archway Program Options

$100 Initial Access Fee per Student  plus_text Your Monthly Subscription Fee per Student



  • Monthly Access Fee $29 (first student)
  • Each Additional Student $10
  • Includes 6 Courses

uTeach is exactly what it says it is.  You are the teacher.  You will be the one doing all of the grading, assigning or un-assigning of lessons, unlocking quizzes and tests and answering any questions your student may have.  With uTeach, once you have your initial consultation and set-up, you are on your own to teach and direct your student(s) however you like.  Courses will be available for 12 months from your start date.  uTeach is the only option that offers a multi-student discount.

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  • Monthly Access Fee $79/student (Includes 6 courses)
  • Single Course Monthly Access Fee $39/student

HLAssist offers you a Teacher’s Assistant (TA).   Your TA will do all of the grading, unlock quizzes and tests and answer any questions that your student may have.  These could be technical questions or basic lesson questions to clarify an assignment or to better explain a concept.  The TA is not a tutor.  If questions cannot be answered briefly and with understanding, you may need to assist your student additionally or you may consider purchasing Online Tutoring Sessions which are 50-minutes sessions at $40/session. You can purchases sessions as you need them or several at a time.  Online Tutoring is available for Math, Science and Foreign Language. You can purchase these when you complete your application or you can Click Here to purchase at any time.


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  • Monthly Access Fee $179/student (Includes 6 courses)
  • Single Course Monthly Access Fee $139/student

HLAssist + Tutor has all of the same features as HLAssist plus a weekly Tutor available in the areas of Math, Science, and Foreign Language.  With this option, you will receive one 50-minute tutoring session per week in any these areas.  You can use these sessions however you wish.  If your student is taking Algebra II and Chemistry and set up for weekly Algebra sessions but your student is struggling with a concept in Chemistry, you can change one or more sessions to Chemistry to help get through the tough spot.  The student can also use these sessions for more of a class-type setting where the tutor covers new material each week in preparation for upcoming assignments.   It’s up to you!

Initial Access Fee $100

Annual Renewal Fee $100

Administrative Fee $15

No charge for course changes and rescheduling during the first 30 days. There is a $15 fee for any changes made after 30 days. Applies to course changes, adding/deleting courses, rescheduling of courses, etc.

Course Replacement Fee $75

This fee applies when a student completes a course early and wants to replace the completed course with another course.

Additional Courses $150

This is only for adding courses over the 6 courses that are accessed with the program.  This is not the cost of taking only one course.  See the program options above for single course subscriptions.

Online Tutoring Sessions $40

Please visit our HLAssist Payment Page to purchase tutoring sessions. Tutoring Sessions available in Math, Science, Spanish and French.



Refund Policy

You have 10 business days to cancel Archway courses (except HLTeach) with a partial refund. HLA will retain $50 of the Initial Access Fee or subscription for services performed. If monthly fees have been set up we will cancel the subscription and refund the first payment.  After 10 business days no refunds will be given.  HLTeach courses cancelled within 30 days will receive a 70% refund of fees.  Those cancelled within 60 days will receive a 40% refund of fees.  There is no refund on HLTeach courses after 60 days.

Canceling your Subscription

If you need to cancel your subscription either because courses are completed or your student will be withdrawing from all courses, please contact or enter a request in your myHLA Request Manager for Archway Questions. We will cancel your subscription. The student will have access for the remainder of the month in which the last fee was paid. No refund will be given for that last month.






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