Grade Level Assessments & Test Prep


Placement/Assessment Tests

Placement/Assessment Tests are offered through HLA Archway Online.  You may purchase these tests separately. Tests are $25 per student per subject. This fee is waived for students taking courses through HLA Archway Online NEST or HLAssist options. Tests not only determine placement for your student within the curriculum but give a grade-level assessment of the student. Core subject tests for English Language Arts, Math, and Science.



Test Prep Courses

All test prep courses include a full practice test and are designed to be completed in three (3) months with the exception of the GED Complete and the Essential of Mathematics which allow six (6) months.  You may request an extension for an additional fee.

ACT Test Prep $199

GED Complete Test Prep $399

GED Prep Mathematics $199

GED Prep History and Geography $179

GED Prep Language Arts $179

GED Prep Science $179

HiSET Test Prep $199

TASC Test Prep $199

Essentials of Mathematics  $249 Essentials of Mathematics is a semester-length review of the fundamentals taught in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and Geometry courses and is useful at the high school level for basic skill remediation and/or practice necessary to prepare for a state exam or placement in public/private school. The course highlights basic mathematical skills through multiple review, practice and sample exam questions.