PRE-REGISTRATION:  Pre-registration officially begins in January each year.  We encourage families to pre-register to beat the summer enrollment rush and to save on registration fees.  Families that pre-register can take advantage of discounts on registration as well as giveaways.  Registration Fees increase after August 1 for families that have not registered and reported on time.  Not registering or reporting by September 1 will result in withdrawal.  Families that are withdrawn will be subject to a $50 Reinstatement Fee. Pre-registering and reporting point-in-time grades and a tentative education plan as early as possible can help avoid the rush and any increased registration fees.

Annual Requirements for Re-enrolling Families:

checkmarkRegister by August 1 (fees increase after August 1)

checkmarkReport Fall Grades & Attendance by January 15

checkmarkReport Spring Grades & Attendance by June 15

checkmarkEnter Education Plan* by August 1

checkmarkComplete Enrollment Requirements by August 1

Families that have not completed enrollment requirements by August 1 will be subject to the increased registration fees. If not met by September 1, your account will be set to Withdrawn.*  Your Education Plan can be updated in Applecore by entering your courses & curriculum for the upcoming school year. Summer courses are reported in the school year preceding the summer in which they are taken.

Summertime at HLA is not like other schools…it’s not time for a break!  We have many families that pre-register early in the year but many families wait until summer to re-enroll and final grades are not available to report until June.   As part of our service to you, our staff reviews your account each year to be sure you are meeting your requirements and to help you stay on track with reporting. This also allows us to make sure all students have been enrolled and that high school students have requests entered for Transcript Reviews and/or records and are on track to meet their goals.

We strive to keep a personal approach to our service to you. Each account is reviewed and approved by our staff. This is not an automated system for us. We are constantly working to implement new features and processes that are more automated or simplified to expedite re-enrollments.

In July and August, we ask that you are patient with us. We sincerely appreciate and value each and every one of our families.  We realize that this time of year can be stressful. Re-enrolling, choosing curriculum, finding extracurricular activities, planning, scheduling and getting started with a new school year, can make anyone frazzled!  We don’t want to add to that…we want you to relax and know “we gotcha covered!”

We want to communicate to you some of our most common questions and/or concerns regarding re-enrollment and pending statuses…

When you register, your account is set to Pending Approval or Pending Payment status.  This status generally means that we have not yet begun the review process on your account, we are needing something from you, i.e. documents, updated information, etc., or payment has not been received.

Pending Grades status can be misleading, but is used for any accounts that are missing ANY reporting.  You may see tags on your myHLA page: Missing Grades, Missing Attendance, or Missing Ed Plan.  Your account will stay in Pending status until you have reported all three of these.  KEEP IN MIND that during our busy season, you may have reported everything and your status is not updated yet.  That means that we have not done a final review of your account again to see if you have made the updates.  You can click “Submit for Review” in Applecore to alert us.  It is not necessary to click “Submit for Review” multiple times.  It alerts us by creating a request in your account and we have staff working specifically on those requests to get your account updated. Again, in July and August, it can take a while to get to your account – but we can see your information and the date it was reported.  So, even if we get to your review after August 1, we will see that you reported prior to August 1.

Pre-approved status is a new status that we are using this year.  If you are Pre-approved, you should have already received your Confirmation of Enrollment (COE).  Accounts that are only missing an education plan would be an example of an account set to this status as well as accounts that may have special circumstances or are waiting on records for final approval.   You have your COE and once you have the education plan entered or have met any other requirements, you will receive an updated COE along with your Teacher Verification and your account will be set to Active for the school year.

Our system dates every registration and grade/course entry that is reported.  We can see exactly when you registered, when you reported a grade and when you entered courses for your education plan. As long as you have registered and reported by August 1, there is no need for concern.  The August 1 fee increase will not affect you.  You do not have to worry or contact us, as long as you have completed your enrollment requirements:  Grades and attendance for Fall and Spring of the previous school year and Education Plan for the upcoming school year.  The “Submit for Review” button in Applecore notifies us that you have submitted your reporting, however, on many occasions families click “Submit for Review” when in fact they do not have all reporting completed.  This can delay staff in the review process.

As a re-enrolling family, you are simply renewing your account and rolling over into the new year. As long as you have registered by August 1, there is no need for concern.  Your continuous enrollment keeps you “covered” for compulsory attendance purposes.  Your Confirmation of Enrollment will be sent as soon as possible and will be effective as of the date that you registered and paid.  If you NEED your Confirmation of Enrollment right away, you can contact us to expedite your enrollment otherwise it will be sent once we complete the review of your account.

Families can update their grades and/or education plan at any time during the year.  If you do not have a grade in from a tutorial class or dual enrollment,  you may enter a point-in-time grade and update it later if necessary.

If you are still working on your education plan for the year, you can enter those courses and curriculum that you have decided on.  Then, for those that you are still working on, you can enter the course and the resources that you are considering and update this information once you have decided.  This can help to expedite your enrollment.  

Example:  Algebra I – Saxon or Teaching Textbooks TBD  

Phonics – All About Reading OR Sylvan Learning Center TBD