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Florida students planning to apply for Bright Futures, Dual Enrollment or planning to attend FL colleges must meet the (24) credit requirements for a FL diploma including one online class. This class can be any online class…FLVS, an online program, or an online college course.

NOTE: Concerning the FAFSA – you will list your student as a homeschooler when filling this out – you will not list HomeLife Academy.

NOTE: Florida colleges do require students to take Government and Economics.

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Bright Futures Process

  • Bright Futures Open enrollment starts December 1.
  • Make sure to fill out everything including address.
  • NOTE: When filling out the Bright Futures application, students enrolled at HomeLife Academy are considered PRIVATE SCHOOL students.
  • Please register for Bright Futures as a private school student. 
    • Choose PRIVATE school (found in Question #19)
    • Question #20 ALL parents MUST indicate ORANGE county.
    • Question #21 select HomeLife Academy in Orlando.

  • These should be submitted on letterhead from each person/institution in which they have volunteered. 
  • It needs to have the student’s name, a brief description of the work they did, how many hours, a contact person and phone number.  
  • If the person does not have a letterhead paper, then that’s o.k.  Send a copy via e-mail or a copy to the office Attn: Karen.

  • Parents should login to myHLA page and go to the Applecore Grade Reporting and update each high school course with the course number.  
  • Course numbers can be placed in the “Notes” section associated with each course. 
  • FL course numbers can be found here.

  • Parents need to contact Toni (888-560-0774 ext 3508) to pay the HomeLife Bright Futures Processing Fee as soon as possible. 
  • Bright Futures Fees: $25 before March 1st. $50 after March 1.  

  • AFTER you have done ALL of the above steps, you will need to request a transcript to be PROCESSED.
  • Log into your HLA account to access your Request Manager.
  • Select “Transcript Request” from the dropdown menu.
  • Add the student’s name in the box as well as Bright Futures  ex.  John Doe – Bright Futures. 
  • Karen will email you directly to get the student’s SS# in order to access the Bright Futures account.