HLA-NEST Program

In an attempt to meet the needs of families with students who find themselves with academic concerns or disciplinary issues or in certain situations where our traditional homeschool program may not be the best fit, HLA has developed the HLA-NEST Program as a way to provide service to students where the following applies:

  • GPA below 2.0
  • Failing grades in core courses ex. English, Math, Science, Social Studies
  • Disciplinary issues
  • Truancy
  • Students not on target for graduation
  • An adult student wanting to finish high school
  • The parent does not have a GED or high school diploma

If any of these situations apply to your student, we recommend calling our office for approval before submitting your application to help expedite the process. The student will be accepted on a conditional enrollment basis and will be placed in HLA Archway Online courses under the NEST option which provides additional accountability. Please refer to our Conditional Enrollment guidelines below for additional information.

Conditional enrollment requirements:
Enrollment in NEST option under the HLA Archway Program.
Students should make satisfactory progress and stay on pace in his/her courses.
Courses should be completed on time by the scheduled end of course date.
Parents must report grades on time.
HLA will verify courses, grades, and progress for grade reporting purposes.
Unless otherwise specified, NEST requirements will be reviewed annually to determine if conditional enrollment can be removed.


Note: HLA bylaws and policy, as prescribed by our Board of Directors, restricts the enrollment of students where the following applies: truancy, suspension, expulsion, and misdemeanors. HLA reserves the right to deny enrollment in these cases. Additionally, HLA requires parents to have at least a GED or high school diploma. If you, the parent, do not have a GED/high school diploma or if any of the above applies, the HLA-NEST Program may be an option for your student.

HLA will review the student’s records once they have been received from their previous school. Students whose records show any of the above academic or disciplinary concerns may be admitted conditionally and placed in our HLA-NEST Program or withdrawn if it is determined that HLA cannot provide the best service to your student(s).