Homeschooling in Alabama

Families in Alabama may join and benefit from Homelife Academy's record keeping, transcript, diploma, and counseling services. We are happy to serve you and your family. Here is some more information and links to help you get started.

Homeschooling in Alabama is different than most states. If you are considering homeschooling in Alabama, learn what your requirements are before you begin.

Home School Parent Education Requirements

The state of Alabama has two legal options to make home schooling a possibility. The first option is to be part of a church school, and the second is to acquire a personal tutor. Being part of a church school does not necessarily mean that your child attends school at a church. You could be basically sponsored by a church and then your child actually attends school at home. This form of home schooling does not require a teacher to have any special kind of degree. If you choose to utilize the tutor option, then your chosen private tutor must be certified by the state of Alabama.

Forms and Paperwork Required

Different paperwork is required for each of the two home schooling options. For the church school option, a form must be filed with the local public school superintendent. This provided form must also be countersigned by the church school administrator. This form needs to only be filed one time upon starting this home schooling option. It is not at all necessary to file it annually. The principal teacher of the church school must then keep accurate daily attendance records. The only other form required by a church school is one that will inform the state if any student chooses to stop attending.

Kindergarten Home School Requirements

Kindergarten home schooling does not require any other special forms than those already indicated, no matter whether a church school or a tutor is involved. Any given church school may or may not offer kindergarten since Alabama’s compulsory school age does not begin until age seven. Home school forms and paperwork simply begin upon starting either one of the home school options.

Testing Requirements

For both the church school and the private tutor options of home schooling, no state mandated testing is required for those students that are involved.

Other Useful Information

In Alabama, church schooling does not have a required number of attendance days. It is strongly suggested, however, that a church school keep attendance days close to the 175 days that are required by the state’s public schools. Tutors must meet with any students for 140 days a year, with at least three hours per week day being the norm. It is also required that these hours take place between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. It is recommended that any home school families acquire an HSLDA membership.