No matter what anyone says, there will always be value in knowing how to write in cursive. The value is not just for how the skill changes the aesthetics of your words, transforming them into a visual work of art, or the fact the skill is required to write your signature on legal documents, but will prepare you for competing in events like the New American Cursive (NAC) Penmanship Contest.

The contest is open to students in all grades, and contestants must use The New American Cursive® alphabet to write one of the two sample pieces – Philippians 4:8 or the Pledge of Allegiance.

” The excitement of the contest can be a great incentive for students to practice their best handwriting. “ ~ NAC

The handwriting samples will be scored on “ neatness, legibility, shape, slant, spacing, size, spelling and accuracy ” with a boy and girl winner chosen from each grade. Entries must be postmarked by Sunday, April 10, so mailing your entry by Saturday will enable you to ensure your entry qualifies before the deadline.

Having your student prepare their submission for the contest will be a nice change to their penmanship lesson this week.

Submissions may be mailed to: New American Cursive Contest, 501 Village Lake Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.

Learn more about the NAC Penmanship Contest.

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